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Why am I a Serran?

Serrans send us your reflection on "Why you are a Serran?"

I attended a Serra Club meeting and was asked to join. I decided I was just too busy. The next weekend when my wife and I were at the shore, we went to a scheduled 10:30 Mass to learn it was only a Communion Service because the priest could only come every other week. I complained bitterly to my wife and she reminded me that I needed to do something to help eliminate the problem instead of complain about it. I went back home and joined Serra. I am working to increase vocations in the future and glad to spend my time to improve things.

I am a Grandma and I want to dance with my grandchildren and great grandchildren in heaven. I always tell the grandkids they should be able to look at how a person spends his or her time to see what is important to them. Therefore I am proud to work for vocations for our beautiful Church and help insure my grandkids will have someone there to administer the sacraments. What better legacy can I leave for my family?

I watched my husband as he became an active Serran, and then a Serran leader. When I became convinced that this organization was not just a social club, but was really doing things to change the cultural attitude of Catholics toward priestly and religious vocations, I joined. I have become more active than I ever imagined. Serrans are the best friends on this journey that a person could have.

I had some friends who were Serrans from daily mass who kept telling me about all the Priests they saw and with whom they interacted. I finally asked them if I could join Serra. Of course they said yes. Then I learned that, yes, I interacted with the Priests, but I also affirmed their vocation and prayed for them. I also affirm and pray for the religious and for our seminarians. Serra has become my vocation. It is how I am identified at Archdiocesan events. What a blessing Serra has become in my life!

My wife was a member and described the mission and purpose of Serra. I believed that to maintain my faith I needed the sacraments and to live the faith I needed the support of those who live a consecrated life as they live, teach and pray.

Why am I a Serran?

Serra presented an opportunity for me to become personally involved in promoting vocations in the religious area and affirming those already serving the Lord. I observed first-hand the opportunities that existed between Serra and the local Archdiocese in assisting their Vocations office with related vocation activities. Moreover, I discovered the opportunities that are available in Serra to enhance my own spiritual life. I view Serra as a special Ministry.

I am a Serran because I get a lot of personal satisfaction and gratification from doing the work of Serra, for the Harvest. I enjoy working at being of some support to the Laborers for the Harvest.

I joined because I was invited by our Bishop and Pastor. We had three boys in the seminary high school. I stayed because I see the need for more religious vocations. Serrans are the nicest people and we have our meeting at St. John’s Seminary.

Serra activity is a ministry. I enjoy giving my time and efforts to the Lord for the blessings I receive.

I am a Serran because someone asked me to join knowing that I was concerned that my parish always has a priest. To do this, we must encourage enough young men to say “yes” to a call to serve.

I am a Serran because our church needs help in finding vocations. Serra is an opportunity to share work with many Catholics who share my beliefs and to learn more about my faith.

I am a Serran because I love my grandkids and want for them to have someone to teach them their faith.

Without Priest, we have no Eucharist. With no Eucharist there is no Church---Satan has won. We can all go home to someplace warm.

I have felt a strong attraction to support vocations for a number of years. Serra is the perfect means to fulfill this desire.

I joined Serra to provide focus for the increasing of my Catholic Faith. I like that Serra works to eliminate a problem----a lack of priests.

I am a Serran because I wish to increase the number of priests and consecrated religious in the United States.

I received a mailed invitation to attend a Mass and dinner meeting of the Serra Club of Middlesex County in the fall of 1971. There were several invitees. What impressed me was the apparent devotion and deep faith manifested by the Serran members, at this meeting. Furthermore, their professionalism, organization and fellowship were most evident.
Sometime opportunity knocks, but most of the time it sneaks up on you and then quietly steals away. The value of persistent prayer is that God will hear us, but that we will finally hear God. Here was my opportunity to listen and to response to God. I believe God was speaking to me through His instruments at that meeting. My goal in life is to get to heaven, at the end of same. By joining Serra International, I knew then that I was conforming to His call and will. Amen!

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