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A Workshop for Spring Leadership Planning Conferences, Conventions and your club.


Copies of Program Manual - Part 1, one for instructor and one for each learner

Chalkboard or dry-erase board, chalk or markers, eraser

Copies of Program Manual - Part 2, one for instructor and one for each learner

Including the “Calendar for Using Program Manual - Part 2”
A copy of the three objectives of Serra International

Copy for each attendee of an evaluation form for this training session

Bring pencils and pens for attendees coming without one.

Introduction, Objectives:

Facilitator introduces self; each attendee introduces self, brief background.

Facilitator: “Today we’ll review the contents of Program Manual - Part 1.
At the end of this session you should be able to
(1) Describe the scope of the job of the Vice President (VP) of Programs, and
(2) Use this information to help you to do a better job (than if you had not attended this workshop)”.

Facilitator tells where restrooms are. Tells how long instruction will last, when break times are, etc.


Facilitator: “Obviously, to perform as you should, you need to know what your job entails. Program Manual - Part 1 will tell you what’s expected and how to do the job.”

Read the three objectives of Serra International (pg .3). Ask how we can achieve Objective No. 3 by using interesting, provocative meeting programs. Take time for participants’ answers

Skim through the contents of PM - Part 1 (pg. 1). (We’ll return to each part for a closer look.)

Have attendee read the job description (pg. 3-4). Ask attendees to discuss the points. Do they feel this description is too involved, or are points missing? Do some present have added responsibilities in their club?

Discuss the job of the club program committee (pg. 4-6). How do the attendees organize such a committee, conduct committee meetings, and assign work to members, (pg 8-10)? Is theirs a one-person operation? Discuss advantages and disadvantages of both.

Discuss resources for club meeting programs (pg. 6). Poll members to see what kinds of meeting programs have worked successfully in their clubs. Advantages, disadvantages

Talk about the use of themes for programs, (pg 11-12). Has anyone present used program themes successfully in their club?

Do any districts have directories of speakers and presenters, (pg. 6-7)? How have they worked? Who compiles and updates them? Other ways to network among VPs--programs. (If all VPs-programs are from the same district, perhaps those present could start compiling such a directory right now.)

Conducting a typical club meeting: part played by VP-programs: Go over format (pg. 7). Are there any variations in your club? Has anyone present used any kind of “gimmick” or surprise to enliven meetings such as raffles, last one to arrive pays a penalty, surprise program presenters, etc.?

Planning a year’s worth (or quarter’s worth) of club meeting programs. Where do we find ideas? Any reason why, or why not, to plan a year ahead?

Review and use of Program Manual - Part 2, and its accompanying “Calendar:” (pg. 14-15). Use the tutorial video available on the website. (Don’t dwell on this subject because to do it well, there should be an entire, separate session planned and held.)

The “care and feeding” of guest speakers/presenters: (pg. 15-16). The invitation (written, e-mailed, phoned); introduce them; thanking them; varied arrangements; etc.

Evaluating the club programs and program committee: (pg 17-18) Who does this in his/her club now? Is it worthwhile?

Review of the appendices, (pg. 19-24). Has anyone present used these tools successfully?

Summarize main topics covered during the instruction. Ask all to complete an evaluation form on this session (May be part of a day-long evaluation form).

Comments, questions and answers from the attendees. Swap program ideas. Swap names, phone numbers, e-mail addresses among attendees.

Later, instructor reviews evaluations and submits any ways to improve Program Manual - Part 1 to the USAC Programs Committee.

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Adapted for SLPC 3/11/07

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