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The SERRAN Magazine Spring 2015

The Serran magazine is now available for your review.

 2014-15 Fall Membership Drive

The United States Council has created new tools to help us in our fall membership campaign. We were so successful that we decided to extend our membership drive through June 30, 2015. We want to help you add 15% or more new members in our Clubs by June. The tools include two new membership recruitment flyers, the TOOL KIT with practical solutions for club challenges, and a profile of key Catholics with whom we should focus our invitations. Would your club like some mentoring and new recruitment tools to help you add vibrant new members before Thanksgiving?

Membership Tools (click the links below to download the forms, flyers and other information you need to help Serra flourish):

Let's Expand Serra

Timeline for 2014 Fall Membership Drive

Recruitment Strategies Menu

Acceptance of Mentoring by Club President Form

Family Member Contact Information

Letter from District Governors to Club Officers about Membership Drive

Club/Member Flyer!

Does the Church Need Serra?

Agenda for a Conference to plan your Membership Drive!


IRS Reporting Requirement

In order to comply with IRS Reporting Requirements for Not for Profit Organizations, the USA Council of Serra International is required to file a IRS Form 990-EZ for each Serra club in the United States. The Form 990-EZ must be filed by the 15th day following the close of the fiscal year on May 31 or October 15. Failure to file annually will result in the loss of a clubs' tax exemption.

The USA Council has created an easy to complete online reporting form for your Serra club to submit the required information in a timely manner, please complete this form by September 1. Click here to open the form, you have the option to submit a copy by email or print a copy to mail or fax. We also recommend that you print a copy for your club files.

2015-16 Serra Club Officer Reports Due

The 2015-16 Serra Club Officers reports are due. Please use this report form to submit your club officer report 2015-16 Incoming Club Officer Report

SerraUSA Annual Reports

USA Council of Serra International Annual Audit Report (2013-14)

Begin Planning Today - National/Worldwide Vocation Events

The National Vocation Awareness Week, World Day of Prayer for Consecrated Life and World Day of Prayer for Vocations are now available and posted to our website. The planning kits can be downloaded for use in your clubs, parishes, schools, religious congregations and dioceses.

Previously Serra Clubs, parishes and dioceses paid over $90,000 to NCCV for these materials. The USA Council will be providing these materials at no cost. The $90,000 can now be used for other vocation work and programs. We will not have printed versions available. In order to help us defray the cost of producing these materials, donations can be made to the Bishop Britt Vocations Restricted Fund.

National Vocation Awareness Week (NVAW)
Includes: liturgy planning guide, music suggestions, homily guide, general intercessions, prayer service, prayer card master, bulletin announcements, clip art, poster.

World Day for Consecrated Life (WDCL)
Includes: liturgy planning guide, music suggestions, homily guide, general intercessions, prayer service, prayer card master, bulletin announcements, clip art, poster.

World Day of Prayer for Vocations (WDP)
Includes: liturgy planning guide, music suggestions, homily guide, general intercessions, prayer service, prayer card master, bulletin announcements, clip art, poster.

Priesthood Sunday  October 25, 2015
This nationwide event is coordinated by the USA Council of Serra International. It is sponsored by the USA Council of Serra International.

Message of Pope Francis for the 51st World Day of Prayer for Vocations 2014

Padre Serra, A Tribute in Verse
      by Henry Maibusch, O.S.A

Expand your club's knowledge and appreciation of our patron with this tribute to the life of Serra. Following is from the author's foreword:

During the past three centuries a relatively vast amount of material has appeared about the life and work of Blessed Padre Junipero Serra, O.F.M. Various forms of the material have been early biographies, some edited autobiographical notes and writings, historical narrations, pictorial presentations, dramatic plays, and even a Hollywood movie. Herewith is my own modest contribution to this vast pool of Serran literature in the form of an unpublished manuscript, namely Padre Serra, A Tribute In Verse ,<click to download>.


Al Giordano, PhD, Historian

The book, The History of Serra International, is now available for distribution. Only 500 copies were printed and 200 of those were sold at two regional conventions in Tacoma, WA and Riverside, CA.

Copies are great as gifts to speakers, to a new club member, for your Bishop or Chaplain, to honor outstanding Serrans, as well as being a great recruitment tool. The first four clubs each purchased a box.

Two copies for $50, a best buy, or $29.75 for one; a box of 17 is $400.

PO Box 3673
Carmel, CA 93921-3673

Working for You -- Committee News


Planning for Graduation - Class of 2015

Newman Connection (formerly College Connection for Catholics) is a good way to share our Serra Mission.

Learn More...
the NEWMAN CONNECTION for Catholics



Past issues ... 

Remembering Mother Teresa ~ Winter 2010

What is a "Culture for Vocations?" ~ Spring/Summer 2010

Year for Priests ~ Summer/Fall 2009



The Serra Leader

If you have any questions, would like to submit an article, offer your suggestions please email the Communications Coordinator.

The Serra Leader (Fall '12)

The Serra Leader (Print Editions)

The Serra Leader (Winter '11)
Vol 5|Num 3 The Serra Leader (Summer 09)
Vol 5|Num 4 The Serra Leader (Spring 10)
Vol 6|Num 1 The Serra Leader (Jul 10)

Attention all Serra Clubs: Do you have a website that we do not know about? Send us an email and we can create a link to your Serra Club's website. Need help please see our Serra Club Webpage Template page for more information.

Serra Club Newsletter Editors: Do you want to post your newsletter online? Send us a copy via email and we add it to our online listing.




Does the Church Need Serra?


"Why Be a Serran" flyer

It gives me GREAT JOY to share this Version 1 "Why Be a Serran" flyer that was created thru the computer skills of Paul Halladay, DG from Mobile, AL and member of our MEMBERSHIP TEAM! Teams 1, 3, & 4 are meeting this week and the entire Membership Team will hold our monthly Conf Call on Tuesday, May 27th. We recognize that this is a Version 1 that needs refining, so please write down your suggested changes and we will discuss in all 4 of those meetings.

Page 1 is the "outside page" and page 2 is the inside page. They double fold into a dandy flyer that is easily stored in the glove compartment of a vehicle, making it handy to always have when any Serran wants to share their Serra story with a prospect.

The flyer is for download below so that Serra Club officers across the USA can download and print when needed for Membership Blitz or any Serran could print for a one-on-one sharing call with a prospect. We think this tool has a solid potential to help us invigorate our members to share the JOY & FUN of the Serra Mission, helping us reach our 15% Net Member Growth in 2014.

A round of applause for Paul Halladay, please!

God bless us all, Mark

Download the "Why Be a Serran" flyer here!

Download the "Why Be a Serran" flyer here and make it unique for your Serra Club's next Membership Campaign!

Membership Workshops

Membership- 101- Recruiting
Membership- 102 - Retention

USA Council Awards Program!

Are you part of a winning team? Let us know.

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Serra International

2015 Serra International Convention
Melbourne, Australia

Plan now to attend this wonderful event. The 2015 Serra International Annual Convention will be in Melbourne, Australia July 30 - August 2, 2015 it promises to be informative, historical, and very enjoyable. For registration and additional information please visit Serra International.

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Looking Forward

Where two or more are gathered...

One Serran said, "A Serra meeting should be like spending an hour with Jesus." Serrans believe that when members gather for prayer, a meal and conversation, they grow in faith and are inspired and challenged by each other.

We invite you to consider anyone of the following opportunities for you to join us at these events and learn more and why we are Serrans.

On the road...visit a Serra Club during your trip

serraUSA Club Locator (As of Dec 2011, please note dates and times are subject to change without notice.)

Eucharistic Adoration for Vocations to Ordained Ministry and Consecrated Life

His Holiness John Paul II blessed this monstrance for the Church in North America so that during the Year of the Eucharist we all might pray for vocations to ordained ministry and consecrated life. In cooperation with the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops Secretariat for Vocations and Priestly Formation, the USA Council of Serra International is coordinating and sponsoring the tour of this Monstrance to US Catholic dioceses throughout the Year of Eucharist and beyond.

Adoration for Vocations
Dallas, TX - April 1 - June 29, 2015
Boise, ID - November 2-6, 2015

Dates to Remember

April 9-12, 2015
USA Council Transitional Executive Committee Meeting, Techny, IL

April 26, 2015
World Day of Prayer for Vocations

June 19-20, 2015
USA Council Annual Meeting

July 30 - August 2, 2015
2015 Serra International Annual Convention, Melbourne, Australia

November 1-7, 2015
National Vocation Awareness Week

Annual District/Regional Conferences

USA Council of Serra International is happy to provide this list of Annual Fall District/Regional Conferences.

Join Serrans from your district and region for fellowship, inspiration, learning, and worship. Discover the world of Serra locally by attending a district or regional conference near you.

 - May God bless you and your work for vocations.

New England Conference

Date: 2015 TBA
Location: TBA

Mid-Atlantic Conference

Date: 2015 TBA
Location: TBA

Great Lakes Conference

Date: 2015 TBA
Location: TBA

Region 7 Conference

Date: 2015 TBA
Location: TBA

Region 8 Conference

Date: November 21-22, 2015
Location: Buffalo, MN

Region 9 Conference

Date: September 18-20,2015
Location: Des Moines, IA

Western Regional Conference - Save the date!

Date: November 6-8, 2015
Location: Ventura, CA

District 6 Conference

Date: 2015 TBA
Location: TBA

District 1-Region 12 Conference

Date: 2015 TBA
Location: TBA

The USA Council will be happy to post a notice of your district Spring Leadership and Planning Conferences, Serra Club days of prayer and reflection, and other Serra Club events on our website.

Submit your event notice with us . . .

Vocation Discernment Retreats

"Vocation is about following that God-given pull or leaning that seems to come from deep within."

USA Council of Serra International is happy to provide this list of open invitations to hear God's Call.

Please contact the retreat master directly for more information regarding each scheduled event.

- May God bless you on your discernment journey.

Retreat Masters

The USA Council will be happy to post a notice of your days of discernment, life awareness, prayer, and reflection on our website.

Submit your retreat notice with us . . .

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